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Immersive Holiday Challenge - Thursday, December 13, 2018

Build a virtual snowman by only using A-Frames primitives.

Preview - VR Snowfamily (We will be featuring your creations at this location)

Preview AR marker Preview AR marker - Code

Build Examples:

Sample Snowman01 Sample Snowman02 Sample Snowman03

Template to build VR

Template to build AR


Marker and Pattern file:

Greeting Card printable PDF


Snow texture Knit texture Wood texture Metal texture


(Sponsored by Prime8) download here

  1. Modern
  1. 80s
  1. Swing

When you completed your Snowman design and are setting up the AR app environment submit the URL of your AR app together with the address on your marker ( to Please make sure you do not change your URL path after submission, the short URL will be associated to your AR marker and will redirect to your provided AR App URL.

Additional Resources

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